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I’m sooo happy to see YOU here!

Want to know more about That’s Sooo You…well alrighty then…

That’s Sooo You creates limited edition clothing, art, homeware and gifts that focus on being joyful, colourful, full of heart and embrace the weirdness in us all! 

We’re also passionate about stocking independent makers that follow the same vibe! 

Why That’s Sooo You?

Have you ever felt your tastes are a little bit different from everyone else? Ever hid that part away, to fit in with ‘normal’ people around you? I bet it doesn’t make you very happy, does it?

Well…a giant two fingers up to doing that for one more second!

Being bright, bold, fun and loving is a wonderful part of who you are. Embrace your weirdness and show it off to the world!

The gifts you buy and the clothing you wear should speak to you (and others) about who you are and what’s important to you. I believe you should be surrounded by love, colour and fun wherever you go.

Why limited stock & limited edition?

Unique is a word that gets banded about a lot doesn’t it? But when does it ever actually mean it? Not very often.

Do you hate it when you find something you like and then all of a sudden you see it EVERYWHERE?

I want the things I buy to be as unique as I am. 

So that’s why we focus on products that are limited stock or limited edition…some are even complete one-offs, just like you!

A little about me… hellooo!

I’m Lucy

I created That’s Sooo You because when I hit my 40’s the penny finally dropped and I started to embrace the things that I love.

I spent my whole life; awkward teen, even more awkward adult, wife, new mum, all dressing for someone else or what I thought I should be wearing. My wardrobe was a sea of grey + black and it always felt like someone else’s…it never really reflected the me inside.

My mission is to bring colour, joy and fun to everyone else’s lives…and I guess acceptance too. It’s ok to be different. It’s ok to be weird. To stand out. To follow your own way. My kids are 14 and 12, I want them to know that it’s ok to be who you are! Live your life in full colour fun!

My kids, my husband and I all live in Essex, with our golden retriever, Peggy. I love country music, anything vintage, fantasy books, art, bright colours, old photos and being in nature.